"TextTooArt" is an art project of the Austrian artist Christian Cap that deals with the visualization of language by transforming texts into colours.
Christian Cap (* 1955 in Vienna) is an Austrian artist who works with multi-medial artworks. His intention as an artist is to understand art as an intervention medium and to bring back to mind the value of human dignity. He sees his responsibility in addressing socio-political topics by interpreting patterns and mechanisms through his artworks.

With the project "TextTooArt" the user gets the opportunity to visualize text with a colour code against the backdrop of the question: In what way can the manipulation through language be shown in terms of colour?

The original starting point was a simple observation: Communication and language are based on encoding and decoding thoughts, emotions, perceptions and experiences. Whenever we communicate with other people we transform our thoughts in text and language which will be read, listened to and re-translated by the other party. However, these re-translations are heavily influenced by our own way of thinking which defines our way of perceiving the content of text and speech.

Or to say it in a different way: The sender encodes his thoughts into letters which become text, the recipient decodes this text and perceives them in a specific way. Who has the (moral) responsibility for a text and its content then? The sender? The recipient? Both?

Texttooart encodes text into a colour algorithm which expresses text in terms of colour beyond any moral judgment. Pointless? Anarchistic? Or is it unmasking after all?